How to go about treating colon cancer

Colon is an important part of the digestive system that connects stomach with small intestine and carries out the vital function of digesting and assimilating the food eaten. Thus, taking care of this organ is equally important. In recent times, various incidences of colon cancer have become widespread and the reason could be attributed to environmental or genetic factors. With the advancement in technology, various methods of treatment of colon cancer have come up which have made diagnosis and treatment of this fatal disease easier.mesothelioma streatment options

Causes of colon cancer

Most of the researches have confirmed that the chances of having this disease multiply as the person crosses the age of 40 and the reason for it could be largely attributed to an unhealthy lifestyle. A green leafy vegetable rich diet and regular exercise is the one and only solution to prevent the occurrence of this disease since they say “prevention is better than cure”. In some cases, it could also occur due to genetic reasons and in such cases; treatment of colon cancer is the only way out. Also, drinking, smoking, taking drugs and not taking adequate sleep has also been pointed out as some of its causes and that is why, people are advised to stay away from such habits.

Diagnosis of colon cancer

The most popular and easier way of diagnosis of colon cancer is through colonoscopy through which the colon lining is evaluated for the presence of any kind of cancer growth. If found positive, CT scan is the next step to gauge the extent of severity of the disease in order to assess the level of treatment to be initiated. That is why, medical experts suggest taking this test every 10 years so that if detected, an early treatment of colon cancer procedure could be started under the expert supervision and the patient be treated in time.


The characteristic symptoms of colon cancer are severe abdominal pain, continuous weight loss, and diarrhea, fissures, thickening of anal lining and swelling and redness around anus. These are short term symptoms. Long term effects include dysfunctioning of liver, lesions in the eye, asthma, hives and a severe arthritis affecting the major joints of the area.  Thus, if you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, go to the nearest medical center and get your tests done so that treatment of colon cancer could be carried out as early as possible.


Colon cancer is a deadly disease and so, its early diagnosis and an efficient prognosis is mandatory to regain a healthy and sound life. In most cases, stage 1 patients have a survival chance of 93% for 5 years while the 5 years survival rate for stage 4 patients decline to 7%.  Usually, medicines like glucocorticoids and mesalamine preparations are given to cure the patients but a thorough examination is expected in order to carry out a good treatment of colon cancer. Antibiotics are mainly given to tackle the declining health so that the patient doesn’t suffer from weakness and could lead a normal lifestyle again.